You’re here because we love you and you love us. We miss you all but we left because we felt we needed to experience the world. This is the story of Malcolm and Jessica’s escape from America, work, and the rat race that Seattle was turning into. It’s a bittersweet journey leaving our growing families, irreplaceable friends, and jobs that allowed us to take this leap from the security of a ‘normal’ life to the uncertainty of a new life of travel. This is our dumping ground for all of our stories and pictures, thoughts and ideas – we want to share with you what we are experiencing as we work together to navigate this big wide world of ours! We are far from professional travelers as you will quickly find out but by the end of these next 10 months we should have something valuable to share with you all!

We hope you enjoy the pictures and stories from our adventures through new oceans and continents while dreaming under foreign skies and constellations. Enjoy!



*disclaimer – this is our very first blog post and will be updated as we learn how to do this and use all the features. bear with us.