Dinner from our Airbnb in Queenstown

It’s been a very busy, fast paced week with lots of driving, site seeing, tours, and checking in and out of hostels. Joe, of first visitor, just flew out today after joining us for the past 5 days as we cruised around the Central North Island area. It was an awesome time had by all and we’ll get into of all the exciting details, with pictures, soon!

Aside from being constantly on the go, internet here in NZ is still years behind the US and Europe. WiFi is extremely unreliable and typically slow once you are able to connect – and this is only if you get internet through the WiFi hotspot which comes and goes without warning. This is a new-to-me problem. Also, our Project Fi sim cards are only connecting at the same data speeds our Nokia’s and Moto RAZRs did back in highschool, well over 10 years ago… In other words, it’s been difficult to get anything done that requires a decent connection to the world wide web.


Bear with us, we sincerely do want to post more, and more frequently!