Sorry for the long hiatus. In addition to adding some new posts (we haven’t been in Australia this whole time!) we’ve also changed up the look and feel of the site.

We’ve added posts for Week 6 and Week 7 and have also added a Random Trip Counters post. We have also updated our Travel Map through the end of our trip, December 17th! Hit the links above to go directly to the posts, or better yet, use the new site layout – we hope it’s a bit easier to use than the previous version.

In the coming days (or weeks, because honestly, how many times have we said this) we’ll be adding more posts, though in a new format. Instead of a day by day recap we’ll be switching to Country/City posts. This should make new posts a bit quicker for us, and for those of you still reading 🙂

Also, perhaps the biggest change and most exciting change will be the photo galleries. Instead of having pages dedicated to tons of photos we’ve decided to use Google Photos (or similar) to host the majority of the photos so you can simply hit the links on the Photo Gallery posts for the full library! More on this soon.


We hope you enjoy!

Love you all, Malcolm and Jessica